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Cycling to work everyday  in my work suit in busy The Hague traffic at 8 am, meeting the same civil servants at the same traffic lights every morning, very much like the Groundhog Day movie, I thought I wanted a change.  Well it wasn’t only a thought, it was also my body screaming for a break. Stress can really get into one’s system, especially if you experience sensory impulses intensely. I think no money is ever worth endangering one’s health.

Anyway, so here I was in the middle of nowhere in the North West of Ireland, with only a wooden stove to heat the house, no tap drinking water, electricity that often went when there were power cuts. And a lot of silence…. Just a house, nature, birds and wild deer in the garden. The quietness was so omnipresent that it felt I was in a different world, and that the real world with the traffic jams didn’t even really exist and certainly couldn’t be important if it did! What wás important here was to collect firewood and water from a well higherup in the mountains. There was a bus once a week to a nearby town in 20 minutes distance. And I actually met one of my best friends on it.

I started focussing on baking breads every morning, pizza’s, cakes, doing the household, volunteering in an animal sanctuary, making music with the locals, meeting some very talented people in the area. All of this felt so grounding and healing. There was plenty of time in a day, no rush to do anything, no appointments in my agenda. Not even internet in the house, so I had to walk down the road to receive messages.

And I loved it…

Back in Holland I still love spending time in the house or nature just by myself to load up on energy. Are you one of these sensitive people too? How do you step out of the 21st century rat race now and then?


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  1. Although not in advocacy, I’ve got very similar experiences! Born and raised in the Hague I was quite used to the sounds and pace of the city, but when I moved to an old “boswachters”-house in a national park near Haarlem for a year, I found so much peace. Currently back in the city, traveling by train everyday and working in another large city, I have a hard time adjusting to this life and I’m not sure how to balance things out. A single day a week in nature seems not to be enough to quiet down and find my peace. It’s a struggle and a new road to walk, which will take time or also a difficult decision to just step out of the game. Time will tell, I guess.
    Great to see how you managed to get out and find your own track in life!

    1. Hi Dylan, Thanks so much for your post. I loved reading your own blog. Great to meet people with similar interests and experiences. Yeah, I know what you mean how it can be hard to try to get back to a normal citylife routine after such an experience. I am very interested to hear more about your experiences! Keep striving for your dreams!

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