Relationships or freedom?

The past week relationships seemed to be a hot topic for discussion amongst quite a few people around me, both those with and without them. One who is fully settled with kids, another one desperately searching for one, seeing it as the highest goal, both not fully happy in their situation.

I’m neither one of these categories, but I still enjoy philosophizing on the topic. Also two guys tried to convince me I cannot be fully happy without a relationship. Truth is I enjoy being single. I have liked the freedom of being single for the bigger time of my life! I like spending time home alone, going on trips alone. The freedom to organise my own time, to not have any expectations of someone ‘waiting for me’. I am never bored either. And maybe I just haven’t met the person I would put all of that aside for.

In our ‘dating generation’ first obstacle is to figure out what someone is looking for, casual meetups, something more, a relationship. Maybe that’s the problem, that often we seem to expect we’re all looking for the same, while we’re not, and often we don’t know ourselves. Still we expect we are all looking to settle with kids in something long term in the end, and being single is just some sort of ‘in between situation’. But is it realistic or feasible in this era of flex jobs, flex housing, flex relationships? Definitely not for all of us. Let me just write another love song so….yeah for you yeah, the rare expection to my rules!


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