We all know the world is a small place and it’s possible to bump into people you don’t expect now and then. However, in 2009 I was on a Ryanair flight from Ireland to Holland (and I’ve been on many!!!) when I got chatting to a friendly Dutch couple from Brabant and even sold them a CD on board. And this weekend, 10 years later, I was on stage when two hikers at Bloesemtocht festival (Betuwe) came up to me and asked if I could be the girl they had met on board of that plane….They were as much surprised as I was. Such a small world!! 

It can be nice when sudden meaningful encounters like that suddenly put you back into a feeling you had back in the days. Certain smells or songs can have the same effect. You suddenly feel like the old version of yourself, different from just thinking back about it. One also always ends up wondering how such a coincidence is even possible.

I do have many more examples. One of the craziest was when I moved to Maastricht to study when I was 17 and I was writing the lyrics of a song I wrote with a friend on a big poster to put on the wall of my new room, when said friend in The Hague phoned me she was just painting same lyrics of same song to her wall in her room! So weird!

Have you ever encountered stuff like this? Like thinking of someone you haven’t spoken to in a good while when this person suddenly phones? I’m excited to hear your examples. Do you believe it’s pure coincidence of that there is a reason for it happening, like energies being connected? Curious to hear from you!

pic: Peter Crann

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