Sing to me of the man, oh Muse…

Ἄνδρα μοι ἔννεπε, Μοῦσα, πολύτροπον, ὃς μάλα πολλὰ πλάγχθη, ἐπεὶ Τροίης ἱερὸν πτολίεθρον ἔπερσε.

‘Sing to me of the man, Muse…..’ The beginning of the famous opening lines of Homer’s Odyssey, a long poem in which he describes the twists and turns of Odysseus’ adventurous journey.

It’s directed straight to his Muse, one of the Greek Goddesses of inspiration, support and song. I think we all have Muses for our creative work. I do at least. Shortly before I write a song, I get a certain feeling as if I have to lay an egg and then I just grab a guitar and it usually flows straight through me and I only have to listen to the recording to get it right. It’s magic, like I don’t really do it myself! Sometimes I even sing words I don’t fully understand untill I hear them. Usually the lyrics still need some fine tuning but the idea is there right away.

Looking at it that way the Muse is a very abstract idea, like a Holy Ghost of inspiration. But sometimes our Muses can be very concrete people, mainly when we are in love. I have had a few important male soulmate muses over the years. And there is still a vacancy for ‘Muse (M)’ here haha. It doesn’t involve much, it’s a long distance job, only to be very inspiring, preferably a male musician and to be the subject of many writings haha! 😉

By the way, my old Muse was suddenly very kind to me this week and I’m delighted with the result which is probably gonna be a new single…

Do you have Muses for your own creations? I’d like to know all about yours!


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