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Wakey, wakey early birds! Woohoo, the best time of the day!! OK, I have to admit I’m not the typical type of musician in many ways. First of all, I have been awake since 5.30am.  I watched the sun rise. Usually I wake without an alarm around 7am in summer. I’m a serious case of morning person.  And what I like doing first is the most complicated emails and tasks of my to do lists. My head is so much clearer in the morning. I think it’s the nicest time of the day to be out in nature, or anywhere in fact, so little people around!

I noticed that people differ quite a lot in their biological day rythms. Morning people seem to be a rarer breed than evening people. It can be handy if bio rhythms coincide a bit when you’re dating or going on holidays with someone.

It’s important for me as a freelancer to stick to a day rhythm and to go to the gym at certain days and sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Not a typical musician again so! In fact, I’m so interested in holistic lifestyle and nutrition by now that I consider doing a course on it!

Do you have certain routines and rituals in your day apart from going to work? And have you also found out your lifestyle or routines sometimes differ from other people in bigger ways? What do you think is the best time of the day? Curious to hear!