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Strange places to call home

When I left my apartment in The Hague in 2007 to go on a journey, I moved all my belongings to a storage box, to leave to Ireland with only a backpack and a guitar. First to do environmental voluntary work in a national park, where I stayed in a beautiful park rangers cottage in the woods for a while. After some travels I lived in a house on the West coast with beautiful ocean views, later a farmhouse on a big ranch in the middle of nowhere, a room above a studio from a musician I collaborated with, but also on the couch at a pregnant friend’s home who was giving birth same night haha, so many adventures!!

One of the lessons I learnt there is that it can feel so good to rely on people. Usually here in the city we lead individualistic lives, and we’re proud of our independence. It can be seen as a nuisance when people ask for help or a favor, but actually it’s something really nice as it binds trust and friendships in society in so many ways. I think our lifestyles are often too independent in fact, while we have so much to share!

A few very musical years later, after I returned to Holland, I lived in the surf village FAST (Free Architecture Surf Terrain) in Scheveningen for half a year, a place that some of you might know, a seaside surfer community built of sea containers!! I lived in the coloured THINK FAST container right on the beach! Sometimes pretty cold in the morning to walk over the terrain to the shower…

FAST was a very cool creative hub, with a restaurant where I worked, a surf shop and a hostel and campsite for tourists. Plus, there was a lot of music everywhere, campfires, and festivals and events! Always something fun to find, even when you stay in the strangest places! I met a few of my best friends there!

I love having my own place now, but those were very valuable experiences. Have you lived in interesting locations? What were your experiences?