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I’m not really the ‘sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll‘ kind of musician. As a morning person I love my early nights, and the rest of my lifestyle is way too healthy for it aswell. More the ‘sex, sports & meditation’ type, if I had still to name some instant feel good remedies haha. When we think too much it can be so nice to get out of the head and back into our bodies!

Meditation is something that really works for me that way. It puts me back in touch with my intuition and the way my body feels about things, instead of only listening to my brain. That way it’s easier to trust in the flow of life, to realise my dreams, not being held back by fear of restrictive thoughts. I especially like the kundalini yoga ‘kirtan kriya’ meditation, maybe because it’s a sung mantra.

Singing can have the exact same effects. Same as with meditation it brings down breathing to the lower belly and it can feel like a big release of emotions. I have started teaching some vocal workshops and breathing exercises again this month and I love doing it!

We are trained as kids to develop our brains by learning so many school subjects, but not a whole lot about our emotions and feelings. After graduating in law I really felt I was missing out on that part, and that was one of the reasons I felt really strongly I wanted to travel and focus on music and singing. Tap into the feeling side of things!

Our bodies sometimes know better what’s up than we do ourselves! Do you listen to your body and your intuition? Which ways do you use to connect with it? And how has it helped you? Maybe try some singing?!